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Train Above The MAX, From Anywhere, ANYTIME!

There's no reason to keep settling for mediocre play... I'm going to show you the EXACT techniques to refine your skills and allow you to STAND OUT on any court you step foot on.

For the past 10 years I've held these same Elite Training Programs in-person and helped HUNDRED OF STUDENT-ATHLETES take their game to the NEXT LEVEL. Now, we've eliminated the excuses... Yes, these trainings can be done at home, in your driveway, or at the park (NO COURT NECESSARY)

These techniques cost HUNDREDS for my Top Students to learn... But for less than $1 Dollar a day, this 30 day program gives you access to UNLIMITED trainings designed to drastically upgrade your game. With new trainings being added every week, the content stays fresh and you always have something to learn!

Upgrade My Game NOW For Only $72!
It's Time... Join The Next-Gen Of ELITE Hoopers!

7 Programs For Less Than The Price Of One!

Shooting Fundamentals

  • Shooting Mechanics
  • Catch & Shoot Techniques
  • Shooting off the Dribble
  • Increase Shooting Range
  • Improve your Shooting Percentage

Value: $29

Handle Business

  • ​Increase Hand/Dribbling Speed
  • More Hand-Eye Coordination
  • ​Less Turnovers in the Game
  • Improve Ball Control 10X

Value: $29

Flight School

  • ​Increase Vertical after just 14 Days
  • Become a Better Finisher at the Basket
  • Be More Explosive
  • Improve Rebounding Ability
  • Learn How to Dunk

Value: $17

Hoops & Ladders

  • ​In-Game Footwork
  • Increase Foot Speed
  • Improve Foot-Eye Coordination​

Value: $10

Power Ball

  • Improve Hand Strength
  • Become more Athletic
  • Explode Past Defenders Easier

Value: $10

4 Moves That Got Me Overseas

  • ​Increase Vertical after just 14 Days
  • Become a Better Finisher at the Basket
  • Be More Explosive
  • Improve Rebounding Ability
  • Learn How to Dunk

Value: $10

Post Moves 101

  • Dominate the Post at ANY Position
  • Become a Better Scoring "Big Man"
  • Score Down Low at any Size

Value: $10

Click & Train Playbook Bundle

All 7 Programs for less than the price of 1!

  • Shooting
  • Ball Handling
  • Footwork
  • Vertical Jump
  • Post Moves
  • Scoring
  • And More!


Value: $115

All For $99

Limited Time Only: $72

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Meet Your coach

Art Morrison III

My name's Art Morrison but all my students call me “Coach Art". I've been competing and training the stars of the next generation for 20+ years

After playing professionally overseas for AngraBasket in the Proliga (Portugal) I'm on a mission...
I'm working to revolutionize basketball training for the youth. By placing an emphasis on my craft and developing an appetite for knowledge that extends well beyond the court, I strive to be the BEST instructor in the nation.
Over the years, I've had to overcome A LOT of obstacles. Many of them would have cause others to quit... From tearing my ACL & Meniscus in 2012, to being snubbed in the 
NBA D-League draft in 2015.
But what it's taught me is how to become desensitized to FAILURE. I don't fear it anymore, and you shouldn't either.

As I've transitioned into becoming a Basketball Training Instructor, I've been able to give back to the community and help build the stars of tomorrow.

To this date I've blessed with the opportunity to coach and mentor hundreds of Athletes in my local community and across the nation. I've become passionate about it because the truth is, without putting in the focused practice, there is no making it to the next level... 
So, I decided to create an Organization (AboveMax Basketball) that would become the manifestation of all of my countless hours in the gym and on the court. I wanted to share my strategies and secrets on what it takes to play Pro Ball at a High-Level.
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Only $72 one time fee to get Started!

Join the movement and get access to our revolutionary Click & Train Self-Stardom Playbook Proven to get you on the fast-track to improving your skills and DOMINATING on the court in no time.


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What's Included in your Click & Train Bundle With AboveMAX:

Ball Handling

 Dynamic handles to be able to shake any defender with "Kyrie Like" Finesse


Drills designed to refine and DRASTICALLY improve your shooting consistency


Become an ELITE defender that can always be called on to guard the best player


The foundation of everything you do in Basketball... We make it a core focus of our training


Ready to develop offensive moves that allow you to score at will? Time to become a scoring machine

Basketball IQ

Your mental game is always the most overlooked. At AboveMAX, we train the brain

I Wanted To Make These Trainings Affordable


The amount of money it would cost to get 1-on-1 training and learn from a Professional Athlete & Trainer can run all the way up to THOUSANDS of dollars...

I wanted to make this membership affordable for ALL young basketball players. No one should ever feel like they can't get the training they need to succeed because they don't have enough money to get started.
You're going to have access to weekly trainings that would typically cost A LOT more. Learning these high-level skills early on can give you a HUGE advantage on the competition. These same skills have allowed me to play collegiately and at a pro level.
My mission is simple... help upcoming ballplayers ELIMINATE their excuses on not being able to train. I've speficially designed these trainings to be able to be done ANYWHERE.
In your house, the garage, your driveway, the local park...
It doesn't matter, just bring your ball and be willing to put in the work. That's it. 
I can't wait to get started working with you!
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See What My Students Have To Say...


After training HUNDREDS of student-athletes from Elementary to College, like Dylan McCann, here's what some of them had to say about their experience at AboveMAX.


Upgrade My Game For $47, Limited Time Only!

"I've never been forced to work harder than with Coach Art".



"Art coaches with honesty. He provides the criticism we don't always want to hear, but it always prepares us for the future."



"Thanks to Coach Art and Above Max Basketball Training, Josh has earned a starting spot on Varsity... AS A FRESHMAN!".



And Much More!

Featured BONUSES In The Playbook

Film Study

Learn to study film like the PROS and critique your game to improve

5-on-5 Breakdowns 

FULL breakdowns of Offensive & Defensive situations to learn the ins-and-outs of the game

Pro-Level Techniques

Train like a PRO with the same techniques used by College-Level & NBA Talent

Insider Secrets

The things they DON'T teach you at your local basketball practice... We reveal that here


The things they DON'T teach you at your local basketball practice... We reveal that here

Strength and Conditioning

Optimized workouts and training sessions to make sure you're in shape and ready to play at a high-level.

"If Your Will To Succeed Is Strong Enough, You Will NOT Fail"

- Coach Art Morrison III


If you’re looking to put in MORE hours than your competition, and enhance your ability to train at home at ANYTIME, then this online program is for YOU. 

This program is designed to enhance your in-person training as well as prepare you to be able to train on your OWN at anytime. 
The worst thing you can do as a player is become RELIANT
- Reliant on a court
- Reliant on hoop
- Reliant on a trainer
Even Reliant on this program... We want to equip players to be able to innovate NEW training techniques for themselves. Let's get started and take your game Above The MAX today!
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